Architects, Engineers, Interior Designers and Builders – Are you keeping your clients up to date with new technologies?

At TechFit we are increasingly seeing a demand for retro fitting of home automation systems. Home and business owners who may have just recently completed renovations and received no advice or direction with regards to control systems for lighting, heating, music and security, and are now looking for its’ inclusion.

Retro fitting is achievable, but a lot more difficult, with the right initial advice from their architect to begin with the client could have saved themselves a lot of time, unnecessary upheaval and money.

As an architect you will no doubt be attracted to a system that can both improve the aesthetics of a project and enhance the living or working experience.

The optimum time to look at technology solutions for a home or business is prior to 1st fix electrics. At TechFit we normally engage with the client’s architect/ engineer at planning stage and then with the client’s builder/ electrician at pre-1st fix stage.

We will put together a detailed specification and drawing, outlining the most up to date technical guidelines available for security, lighting, heating, networking and Wi-Fi etc. throughout the building. Our service is a consultative process. From initial pre-planning right through to the build starting onsite, we are there to advise on all matters concerning technology.


Today’s modern homes and buildings are being filled with more and more technology. Whatever your professional discipline may be within the building industry, offering your client a full spectrum of smart home technology solutions will put your business ahead of the game.

As well as offering practical and innovative AV solutions to architects, we can also assist you in delivering the best in terms of planning, design, project management, installation and commissioning across a broad range of sectors. Whether it’s corporate, hospitality, leisure or residential, TechFit have a package to suit your client.


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