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At TechFit we are seeing an increase in the demand for smart home technology from clients who may have a physical or intellectual disability. For example, we recently received an enquiry from an electrical contractor in Newry, Co. Down about a client of theirs who had been left in a wheelchair, as a result of a car accident.

This client had been left with very little mobility and needed to be able to control many of the features around the home, features that a person with full mobility may take for granted, such as alarming/ disarming the alarm, opening and closing of all entry points to the home, opening all internal doors, as well as the garage door.

This client also needed to be able to open and close all windows and blinds and to have full control of the lighting throughout the home from a smart phone or from a tablet.

All of these simple centralised controls mean that the normal day to day functions, that we all take for granted, are made so much easier for a person who has a disability.

Technology, like it or not, has come to define the society in which we live and is woven into the fabric of our day to day living. Smart home technology can give power to people with disabilities, young and old, and thereby increasing their quality of life and independence.

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