Building your dream home? Plan for a smart home.

Whether you are building from scratch or renovating an existing home, there are so many things to consider when putting your plan together.

To begin with, it is critical to choose the right architect to deliver a really good design that matches your vision. Then you have to make sure that your perfect design delivers functional living spaces in an eco-friendly and economical way. Choices include – what materials to use in your build? Do you choose a heat recovery system or underfloor heating? Which windows and doors to choose? Do you include a central vacuum system? What are the cost benefits of solar heating? The list goes on and on…..


You will then have the interior deign to consider, which brings with it infinite decisions and choices to be made on colour schemes, flooring,  fixtures and fittings, soft furnishing, tiling, not to mention the design of the ultimate kitchen!

All of this decision making can leave you a little overwhelmed and inevitably “things” can fall through the cracks. With good planning, from the outset, this should never happen. Make sure you have all your ducks in a row.

Future proofing for technology is paramount when building or renovating your home. Planning and budgeting for a smart home control system is imperative to getting the home of your dreams.

In a time where our lives get busier and busier, and where it seems spare time comes at a premium, such modern conveniences as shopping, banking and even dating online allow us to cherry pick how we choose to spend our “down time”. A smart home system will deliver the optimum in secure, convenient and efficient living, saving you energy, time and money!

Use your smartphone to control everything in your new home. Switch the heating on 10 minutes before you arrive home, have the lighting set to greet you in the evening at the perfect setting, water is hot and ready for your shower – all with one touch control.

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When you can fully control your home then that gives you the power and flexibility to run a more efficient home. How does an efficient home benefit the homeowner? It means the homeowner can save on running costs. A safer, warmer, more efficient, greener, power saving and money saving home – who wouldn’t choose to have that when renovating or building their new home?

The key reasons:

  1. Family security is critical
  2. Convenience plays a big role “imagine a home that knows you are on your way home from work and has everything switched on and ready for your arrival?”
  3. Protecting your valuables
  4. Saving Energy
  5. Saving Money on utility bills

With affordable smart home solutions you can control every aspect of your home with the touch of a button. Remote heating control, audio visual systems, HD TV distribution, energy saving mood lighting, CCTV, alarms and home security systems, as well as electric gates and intercoms.

When planning your new build or renovation, make sure you have your homework done on how technology can enhance and deliver the home of your dreams.

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Author: Clarke

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