Checking in on things from the poolside?

Holiday season is upon us and we all long to feel the sun on our back, to kick back on a lounger by the pool and relax. Emptying our minds of daily work and life routines, with a cool drink in one hand and some good reading material in the other – we have arrived!

While on holidays we do not want to be concerned about whether we locked the front door before we left or weather we unplugged the iron!

Smart home technology gives us the peace of mind we need to know that our home is safe and secure. There are so many conveniences and security features available to allow us to fully relax and enjoy our break away.  Whether you choose to holiday in Irelands’ fair shores or a remote beach in Saint Lucia, your home is secure with smart home technology:

  • Check which lights are on at the house
  • ​Check the status of your security system and view live security video
  • Make adjustments to your heating controller
  • Set up temporary security codes if anyone needs to get in your house
  • Adjust the blinds day or night
  • Control your music system remotely
  • Set up a “mockupancy” scene that turns on lights at randomised times. That way it will look like there’s someone in the house (even if you’re in a different time zone).
  • Security alerts
  • Perimeter security, so if someone breaks this beam you will receive a message to your smartphone, giving you a chance to immediately check your CCTV video and if necessary, notify the authorities before an intruder even gets to your home.
  • With one touch control, you can initiate a “going away” scene: simultaneously all the lights in your home turn off, your doors lock automatically, your security system arms itself, and the heating control is adjusted to your pre-set “Holiday mode”. Farewell home, hello relaxation and peace of mind!

And much, much more….

pool-side  Lifestyle Control4

All of this can be done on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world where you have access to an internet connection. So relax, and enjoy your escape this summer………

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Author: Clarke

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