Communal Aerial & Satellite Systems

Communal Aerials

Our communal aerial installation ensures that everything from design and planning is in compliance with best practice standards and local regulations.

If you need a team of expert TV aerial installers to guide you on what’s best, then TechFit should be your first contact. We offer specialist aerial installation for apartments, but can adapt a system according to your requirements.

With nearly 20 years of experience installing aerial, satellite and countless other audio / visual systems, we’re ready, willing and able to ensure not just you, but your tenants / customers get crystal clear TV all of the time.

Types of communal aerial or satellite system

There are a few main types of communal systems for aerial and satellite reception.

  • IRS (Integrated Receiving Systems), the most frequently used communal system for blocks of flats or large housing estates, where only one main dish and aerial is required for the whole estate.
  • DTT (Digital Terrestrial TV) is for digital TV aerial signal only, i.e. not satellite. This type of system is the minimum requirement for blocks of flats or hotels, so as to be able to receive digital TV in 2012.
  • SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV Systems) systems are mainly used in hotels. SMATV systems basically have one commercial grade receiver per satellite channel, put through an aerial system. This allows for each TV to be able to pick up the nominated satellite channels, without the need for a satellite receiver box for each room.
  • FIRS (Fibre Optic Systems) technology has changed and is becoming cheaper. Fibre run systems can do everything an IRS system can do. These are great where long, extra- long or large systems are involved.
  • Installations, maintenance and rentals

The above systems are the main types of systems in use today for communal aerial and satellite systems.

All of these systems can be reasonably small to very major systems that can incorporate fibre optic cables, sometimes even feeding whole housing estates.

What do you want to control?

TechFit provides a modern cabling and technology system for your new home or business. We custom design a bespoke system uniquely to suit each individual customers home technology needs. This allows the user unrivalled access to a wide range of communication and entertainment services. Using the TechFit central hub and cabling infrastructure we can provide an array of services.