Distributing Sky HD and HD devices via a HD Matrix

Written on 1st September, 2015

TV distribution is changing, over the years there have been a few options available, for example, using RF distribution and using a ‘Sky Eye’ to control your Sky box, all done pretty easily and cheaply albeit in standard definition.

However with the latest Sky HD box, the manufacturer has chosen to remove the RF2 “out” connection which used to accommodate this type of simplistic system. The end result is that Sky would like you to have a Sky set top box at each TV, using a multi-room subscription.


This clearly will not suit a lot of homes, with the idea of the aesthetics being diminished by multiple electronics scattered throughout the home, as well as the cost factor. A very simple solution to overcome this issue is the use of a HD matrix distribution system, these systems vary in capabilities, but the idea is that you centralise your Sky HD box (or boxes, as well as Apple TV etc.) and send their signals in full glorious 1080p 3D HD to each TV using Cat5e/Cat6 cable.

The matrix switch essentially means you can select from multiple sources at any of the TV’s at any time, so to use an example, the most popular system we use is a 4×4 matrix switch. This means that 4 HD sources (Sky, Blu-Ray, Apple TV etc.) will be sent out to two TV’s in the home.

The end result is your TV can take pride of place in your TV room, and have access to your HD devices without any other electronics on show in that room, keeping the TV room neat and tidy. Obviously the whole idea of using the likes of TechFit is to future proof your house as much as possible and to de-clutter your home of Sky boxes, DVD players, Media players etc. The HD matrix allows all of this to happen seamlessly and it won’t cost the earth.

By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security – even smartphones and tablets – TechFit creates personalised experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

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Author: Clarke

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