Do You Want A Smart Home With All The Trimmings This Christmas?

With Christmas just around the corner and the momentum building as we plan for the festive season ahead, I thought now would be a good time to look at the comforts and convenience that smart home technology can offer those building or renovating new homes, or in the process of planning for a new build in 2018.

There are so many off the shelf products on the market at the moment that promise a “smart home” but deliver very little compared to a fully integrated system. Although we are promised the sun, moon and stars, unless your system is fully networked and integrated with lighting, heating, central audio, home entertainment, security and access control, then your system will not stack up when it comes to real home automation and full control.

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Added comfort, convenience, peace of mind and energy saving

Being able to use your smartphone to answer a buzz from the intercom at the front gates while you are out shopping. Checking your CCTV cameras when the home alarm is triggered and you are away visiting family and friends. Disarming your alarm when you are away for the holidays to allow a family member check your home in your absence.

Or consider coming home from work on a dark winters evening to a house that is ready for you – lights dimmed, temperature set, music on and all you need is that glass of mulled wine to relax and kick back. Not to mention the reduced energy bills as you save energy on an efficiently automated home.

Home Cinema – Enjoy all your favourite festive film this Christmas








At TechFit we custom design home cinema solutions for our customers. If you have a dedicated room like a basement or an attic you may consider installing an electric screen and projector. With a 5.1 surround sound system to give you that proper cinema feeling, or your sitting-room can be turned into a cinema style den with the inclusion of a sound bar and a subwoofer. Due to the fact that many modern TV’s are ultra slim, manufacturers tend not to put so much emphasis on the sound from the TV, hence the need to include a specific audio solution.

TechFit have built up strong relationships with such industry leaders as Epson, Projecta, Integra, Onkyo, Kef and Denon.

Have the curtains open, lights dim, and your Christmas movie start with the press of a single button on your universal remote. You can set lights to automatically come up when you pause the movie or you can allow your family members to access your media library from anywhere in the house.

Perhaps nowhere else in your home has more potential for the power of automation than your home theatre/media room.

So we urge you, when you build your dream home, to strongly consider the future and make sure that you have future proofed your home for technology.

Forward planning and a detailed home technology specification from the beginning is necessary. So, when you are putting together your plans, with the help of your architect, it is imperative not to omit a home technology plan so you can ultimately end up with a home that you will live in and enjoy for many years to come, and that will deliver on all the conveniences, comforts and energy saving that modern smart home technology offers.

To begin with, it is necessary to hire a professional smart home installer. As professional home automation installers we will install our central hub unit to integrate your TV, phone, broadband and satellite services. All these services will be stored neatly away in one comms room, allowing you to declutter your home of cables and boxes and giving you one remote control that will control everything.

Every room in your home will have all these services and you don’t have to worry about tapping into any new technology that may come on stream down the line. Our systems will be compatible.

Smart home technology has limitless potential and having a professional installer look after all of this for you offers great comfort and peace of mind. Our dedicated technical support team are there to answer all our customers’ technical queries promptly.

Building or renovating? With all the hustle and bustle of the festive season don’t overlook the importance of good home technology planning.

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