Fire Safety – Smart Technology That Protects People

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower disaster fire safety is very much in the forefront of our minds. As safety checks continue on high-rise buildings throughout the UK to ensure that a fire as devastating as this one can never be allowed to happen again, we are all more conscious of the importance of good fire safety practice in our homes and our work places.

Smart technology can play a big part in the prevention of fire. When you have an integrated control system installed, like a Crestron system, it allows you to map your home on a touchpad. So, in the event of a fire breaking out the fire alarm will be triggered and you can check on your home map to locate specifically where the fire is, so that you can plan your quickest and safest exit from the building. Once the fire alarm is triggered your smart home system will initiate guiding lights to safe exits and automatically unlock key exit routes.

A smart control system will also integrate with a commercial or residential sprinkler system, so if a fire breaks out in one room the sprinkler system will only initiate in that location.

The same integration features are available for smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms.


Panic buttons are also a quick and simple way to call for help in case of fires or other emergencies. When pressed, a panic button sends a signal to the home automation system, which in turn activates an emergency call. A smart building’s security system should allow users to set multiple emergency contact numbers. Different types of alarms trigger the dialling of different contact numbers. Users should also be able to set the alarm system to send notifications to a mobile phone.

Another great feature of smart home systems is that when a homeowner leaves the home and arms the alarm system, the system should automatically turn off home appliances that do not need to stay on. When a user comes back and disarms the alarm system, the system can automatically turn on some lights and take door and window sensors offline. However, indoor flammable gas and smoke detectors should always remain armed.

We all need to play our part in making sure that good fire safety practice is an imperative part of our daily lives. If you are currently building or renovating your home or work place why not speak to the experts in integrated control systems and allow us to guide you on a control system that properly manages fire safety and gives you added peace of mind.

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