HD Distribution

High-definition television provides crisp, clear images not available with standard cable or satellite imaging. HD TV has a far superior picture quality than standard definition TV. However, installing HD TV units in every room of your home that has a television set can become expensive and difficult in running component video and digital audio cabling from room to room. Luckily, a couple of simple options are available that will allow you to access your high-definition media on your TV or projector without breaking your budget. The HD Matrix gives you full HD in any number of rooms, while also allowing the home or business owner to centralise their satellite box, DVD player, media player and hard-drives. Your mobile device, tablet or single remote allows you to control all of your centralised equipment from any room.

What do you want to control?

TechFit provides a modern cabling and technology system for your new home or business. We custom design a bespoke system uniquely to suit each individual customers home technology needs. This allows the user unrivalled access to a wide range of communication and entertainment services. Using the TechFit central hub and cabling infrastructure we can provide an array of services.