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Written on 25th February, 2015

When building or refurbishing your home or business there are a lot of things to consider, and even more choices to make, but the one thing that every modern home and business needs is to be is well connected. Whether you study or work from home, use email and social media, download music and movies for home entertainment, shop online or do all your banking online – the internet is an integral part of our modern lives.

So is your home or business future proofed and ready for the digital age?

The first element of a good home/ business network to consider is what type of cabling you should use. CAT5 and CAT6 are types of cables used in many wired networks. Your home computer network may use some of these to connect to the Internet modem and network router. Your home/ business network uses them for controlling wired home automation devices, for example home office, file sharing, HD distribution, movies, music, heating control, lighting control, blind and curtain control, security and access control, to mention but a few.

Prewiring is installing network cables throughout your home/business at 1st fix electrical stage, before plastering. Your home network can use a combination of wired and wireless technology to communicate with controllers and devices. In some cases, wired devices are preferred to avoid wireless connectivity problems and to support high-speed network communications. If your home is prewired, adding wired devices later is much easier, faster, and cheaper. So make sure you have your homework done on home networking at an early stage of your building project or refurbishment, as retro fitting is not really an option.

This cabling infrastructure is linked to a central hub with PC/internet sockets distributed throughout the home/ business and allowing you access to the internet in all main rooms at the same time. The home network system provides a secure and reliable home network, sharing printers and other devices, without the usual cable clutter.

A comprehensive cabling infrastructure allows you to work from home, giving you greater flexibility and enhancing the quality of your life. A wireless network can be installed seamlessly for added convenience and flexibility. Provision is made so home/ business owners can, easily and immediately, add telephone if required and route these to any room. PABX phone systems, for larger homes/ businesses, can be installed seamlessly, for room-to-room calling, call transfer and answering of the gate intercom from any phone.

TechFit provides a modern cabling and technology system for your new home or business. We custom design a bespoke system uniquely to suit each individual customers home technology needs. This allows the user unrivalled access to a wide range of communication and entertainment services. Using the TechFit central hub and cabling infrastructure we can provide an array of services.

To speak to one of the TechFit team with regards to your home networking needs:

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