Home Technology – planning and budgeting.

Technology has now reached the stage where a modern home can be equipped with the electronics to make almost every aspect of your life at home and work, easier and more enjoyable. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security – even smartphones and tablets, and making sure the infrastructure we install into our new build will give us a common platform that will allow us to integrate with new technology into the future.



Future proofing your home is becoming the norm and this should be properly planned for in advance of the construction phase of your build. However, there are so many new builders who are not properly advised by their architects/ project managers on the subject of technology, and so speak to a home automation specialist when their home or business has already completed the 1st fix electrics stage. This is a case of bolting the gate when the horse is already gone!

Yes, it is possible to retro fit for technology, however you are lessening the options available to you, and so good planning and advice from a reliable home automation professional, coupled with accurate budgeting are an imperative part of the pre-construction phase of your build.

If provision of home technology, e.g. home networking, Wi-Fi, integrated security systems, mood lighting, remote heating control and audio visual systems, is something that you want to plan for, then making sure you are working with an architect or M&E who can advise you on the subject, or who can refer you to a home automation specialist, is a must.



At TechFit we are so often asked “How much does all this cost?”, and yes it is a case of “How long is a piece of string”!

We always advise our customers to come visit our show-house and see first-hand our systems in full operation. That way you can fully understand to conveniences our systems can add to your day to day living and viewing the show-house will also clarify which systems will suit your specific lifestyle best.

Once we have a clear idea of what system you are interested in, we will then fully review your set of floorplans, and we will then put together a full quotation. This quotation can then be scaled back or scaled up, depending on what your budget allows.

Planning, planning, planning……make sure you get the right advice and do not just leave future proofing your home to chance.

Home technology will enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind. To speak to one of the TechFit team about your new build or to schedule a viewing of the TechFit show-house contact us on Tel: (042) 942 0621 or Email: info@techfit.ie

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Author: Clarke

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