How Smart Technology Can Help Older People

Have you ever considered what it will be like when you get older? Most people don’t think about the aging process until they begin to notice the visual effects, the various wear and tear problems in the form of aches and pains, as well as health problems and ailments.

Currently in Ireland, over 500,000 people – that is at least one in 10 of the population – are over the age of 65. By 2041, it is estimated that at least one in four people will be over the age of 60. While older people living in Ireland have an overall positive view of ageing, they also face some serious concerns, including security, independent living, health and concerns about the future of their children.

Just last week I spoke with a gentleman who was helping his parents, both retired people in their late sixties, to build their new home. He wanted to explore Smart Home technology and how it might benefit his parents in the immediate and in the long term. How might a Smart Control System help them in their day to day lives without confusing them, as they are not, as he described, “very technology savvy”.

A Smart Control System has a simple user interface, usually in the form of a single remote control, a wall mounted control pad, a smartphone or tablet, which will allow the user to control their lighting, heating, central audio, home cinema, blinds, curtains and security.

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With one-touch control you can have pre-defined scenes, a “Morning” setting – the lights dim to your preferred setting, curtains open, the alarm is disarmed, your favourite radio show comes on, the water is hot for your morning shower, you can even integrate it with smart appliances to have a pot of coffee ready when you arrive into the kitchen!

Hit the “Night-time” setting – doors and windows are automatically locked throughout the home, the alarm is armed, your TV switches off, lights dim to guide you to your bedroom. The conveniences are endless.

An integrated control system can even allow your family to keep an eye on you from a distance, giving you the chance to live independently for as long as is possible. Checking your CCTV cameras remotely, make sure you are safe, warm and comfortable at all times.

The best way to see how our smart technology systems, such as Control4 and Crestron, can deliver a lifestyle of ease, convenience, added security, comfort and energy saving is to visit our showroom where we will demonstrate first-hand the features and benefits of home automation. Easy to use one-touch control that anybody can use, even our older generation, who will see how the endless possibilities it offers can make their lives so much easier.

With a bit of luck we will all live to grow old! It is important to plan for this time.Smart Home technology is something we all need to consider for our future plans.

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Author: Clarke

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