Keeping your Smart Home System up to speed with new and emerging technologies…

As technology advances at a rapid pace, and new and emerging technologies are being introduced to the home automation market on a daily and weekly basis, many of TechFit’s new customers ask the question how can we be assured that if we invest in a smart control system that it won’t become dated or redundant in 5 to 10 tears time?

At TechFit all of our expert installers keep up to date with the latest technology by upskilling and continuous training in the fields of integrated lighting control, heating, audio visual and security control systems. Our priority is to deliver the best in home automation technology to our customers.

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While no one can predict the future, the infrastructure we install into your new build is a rock solid platform for all automation systems and adaptable to all required upgrades, keeping your building control system on the pulse of emerging smart technology.

We are regularly approached by customers who have already installed a sophisticated control system in their home or business but would love to embrace the newest technology and integrate it into their existing building. With the expertise of our custom home automation installers, we’re able to integrate new technology while keeping components of the already existing system. The end result being that the customer has the comfort of not having to replace all of their individual components, as well as getting the simplicity of using the newest technology in their home.

One particular we recently completed in County Meath involved working with a home that already had a sophisticated A/V system, with hidden equipment locations, 3 video zones, and 4 audio zones. We were asked to upgrade the existing A/V system to add media streaming capability, Blu-ray playback, HD distribution and some new display units.  Existing analogue switches were to be removed, with upgraded control offered for multi-room audio, including iPad / smartphone control and multiple in-wall touch screens.

Control4 home automation and monitoring options were requested by the customer, including multi-room intercom, IP cameras at all entry points, automated garage door control, doorbell integration, remote security and access capability, keyless entry door locks, and lighting control. Sound absorption panels were also installed in the ceiling to lessen “noise fatigue” and make it easier to enjoy TV and music in the main open-plan kitchen/ living area.

TechFit are authorised dealers for Control4 and Crestron. By integrating everything from lighting, music, video, climate control, security – even smartphones and tablets – TechFit creates personalised experiences that enhance your life and work with added comfort, savings, convenience and peace of mind.

Contact TechFit today and our expert installers will be happy to review your existing Smart Home System and complete a custom redesign and upgrade, at an affordable cost. Bring your home or business back in to line with new and innovative technologies.

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