Smart Homes…..and all the trimmings!

Last week we met with Pat Kenny on Newstalk FM, to discuss home technology and how it can bring added convenience, comfort and energy saving to any home. We also had a lot of interest from Pat’s listeners about what gadgets and gizmos are available on the market that can be integrated and used in our homes to make all our lives a little easier.

Given that Science Week, and Christmas, is just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to look at theses products and all the new ground-breaking technology on the market right now that can transform our everyday lives. You may even get some Christmas present ideas!

The recently released Amazon Echo has really put the run on Apple and Google in terms of home technology. This clever voice activated device acts as a central hub and is a personal digital assistant for the home. It uses near-field technology and can be integrated with all Wi-Fi active devices in the home. This allows you to manage your diary, your heating, your lighting and can even help with the kid’s homework.


The Belkin WeMo enables users to control home electronics from anywhere at any time. The product suite includes a switch, motion sensor, Insight Switch, light switch, camera and an app. The WeMo Switch can be plugged into any home outlet, which can then be controlled from an iOS or Android smartphone running the WeMo App, via home WI-Fi or mobile phone network.

The WeMo Insight Switch also provides information on power usage and cost estimation for devices plugged into the switch. WeMo devices can also be controlled by voice through the Amazon Echo. Control your lights, security, heating and much more with this clever device.

Another very useful device is the Netatmo weather station. It measures inside and outside temperature, it also measures CO2 levels inside the house and can give you weather reports. This weather station can be integrated with other smart technology to adjust and regulate the heating in your home. It can turn on warning lights and alarms if it senses an increase in the CO2 emissions in your home.


Netatmo also have a number of other smart technology products available that are worth looking at, one of which is a security camera that has the added feature of face recognition. So, if someone unfamiliar were to gain access to your property it will send you an alert.

We recently demonstrated a smart hoover that worked off an App on your smartphone and a remote control if you were at home. This is a useful device if you are at work and have guests due to arrive and need to do a quick clean-up of the house in advance. Other products available on the market right now include smart window cleaners and even a smart lawnmower that is controllable from an App on your phone.

All these devices can bring a new level of convenience, time and energy saving. Technology is ever advancing and changing, so it is worth keeping up to speed.

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