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Written on 9th January 2015

Whether you are completing a new build or you are refurbishing your existing home, lighting is one of the most significant ways of subtly but effectively creating the perfect ambience for both you, your family and your guests. When skillfully applied, lighting can ignite a wide range of emotional responses, helping to make a party more cheerful or a romantic dinner more intimate. Smart lighting is also an essential part of any home security system. Use lighting strategically to give you peace of mind whether you are at home or away.

There are a wide range of options for lighting: LED lights, 5 amp lamps, overhead lights, chandeliers, accent lights, wall lights, floor lights, spots etc. With these tools, you can literally set the scene for any type of mood.

We look at 4 mood and security lighting ideas, which you can easily apply throughout your home to impress your guests and increase your own levels of comfort, security, energy saving and enjoyment of your home:

Entertaining friends

Brighter light will set an upbeat mood and encourage activity and alertness. People don’t like to sit in bright, direct light, however, so lighting should be focused on walls and points of interest. For example, use light to highlight a prized piece of artwork, or an interesting design feature of your home.

Light can also be used to accentuate textures— light reflecting off polished surfaces, textured tiles, crystal or metal surfaces can make a room lively. A shadow cast on a wall by direct bright light is another effective technique for creating visual interest.

Using colour in lighting can also be effective, if it’s not overdone. Warm colours like red and orange will increase the cheerfulness and warmth of a room, and a red light on a red wall will intensify its effect.

With one-touch control, your mood lighting is pre-programmed so that perfect party mood is set effortlessly, letting you get on with socialising!

Movie time

During the Christmas holidays we all sat down with our families and enjoyed watching some of the old classic films that are now considered an institution. Home cinema has become a popular feature when designing our homes, probably because there is nothing more enjoyable than bringing our family and friends together to watch a great movie. Lighting is an integral part of creating the perfect home theatre and so the perfect movie night.

When Hollywood goes to the movies, it’s a big event. Why not add some of the glitz and glitter of tinsel town to your own home theatre setup? Such design features as stadium seating, a curtain that draws back and even a red carpet can add to create the perfect home theatre.

However, it is the lighting that really sets off a home theatre room. Using accent lights that point down on the walls and specialised dimmers you can pre-programme the mood lighting to your perfect setting. With one-touch control the lights dim, the curtains draw back and the movie begins. If the doorbell or phone rings, your smart home system pauses the movie automatically and your lighting illuminates the room to allow you to go answer. Anything is possible! So grab some popcorn, curl up with the people you care about, and enjoy the show.


Our home is our castle and making it fully secure using CCTV, intruder alarms and access control is crucial when designing or refurbishing our home. Smart lighting is another great way to enhance our security, protecting our home from potential intruders and giving us the peace of mind we need.

If you are going on holidays,even as you’re walking out the door, loading up the car, and pulling out the driveway, your home automation system is securing your home. In fact, with a single touch of a button, you can initiate a “going away” scene: simultaneously all the lights in your home turn off, your doors lock, your security system arms itself, and the heating control is adjusted. You can view live security video feeds, adjust your home’s climate settings, and much more, all from your smart phone. In fact, you can access your entire home automation system.

A home that looks “lived in” is less likely to be a target for thieves. With smart lighting, you can set up a “mockupancy” scene that turns on lights at randomised times. That way it will look like there’s someone in the house (even if you’re in a different time zone).

A Romantic Dinner

A relaxed and intimate feel can be achieved by lowering overall lighting levels, and subduing colours. Warm, soft light is more flattering to a person’s features, and a few choice lighting accents on the walls or dining table centerpiece can enhance the mood.

Here are two tricks for creating a romantic mood: keep upper walls dark, and hide light sources. This will add a touch of mystery to your romantic dinner.

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